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 Intel Rapid start Technology

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PostSubject: Intel Rapid start Technology   Intel Rapid start Technology Icon_minitimeSun 16 Aug 2015, 3:47 pm

if you wanna boot extremely fast you have to use this feature which is hide inside your bios settings waiting to be activated.
first thing first!  if you don`t have S.S.D  drive stop wasting your time reading this because in order to activate this feature you need a S.S.D drive.

if you have windows installed on your s.s.d drive make sure that boot option is set to UEFI, if you boot in legacy read this to change it to UEFI :

now your ready to go

if you don`t use raid (raid is a technology which makes several H.D.Ds to operate  as one which has different setups for different purpose)
its better to change the sata controller from raid to AHCI.
if you do this right through the bios your windows wont be boot. so before doing this boot your windows into safe mode
(run>msconfig>boot tab> safe boot) after doing this windows ask you for restart do it and enter bios setup change stata controller from raid to AHCI. save and exit login to windows. and disable safe boot. reboot and login to windows normally.
in order to use Intel rapid start technology you have to make a partition on your s.s.d drive which has to be equal or bigger than your system memory(ram).
to do this go to disk manager and shrink the partition that windows is installed on by 4-8... GB
-go to command prompt with admin privileges
-type diskpart
-list disk
-sel disk 0 (number of the disk with windows installed on)
-create partition  primary
- list part
- sel part X (X is the number of the newly created partition)
- set id = D3BFE2DE-3DAF-11DF-BA40-E3A556D89593

restart and enter bios. find Inter rapid start technology it must be enabled now. if it was not enable it. now in its options search for somewhere which has "immediately" in its options and set it. save and exit.
download Intel rapid start from Intel and install it.
click on its Icon in task bar
turn Intel rapid start technology ON
turn critical battery ON (if not using a laptop then turn it off)
turn Timer ON and set the bar underneath it to 0.
you can change it of you want your computer to ~ shut it self down at a specific time.

you are done.

now if you shutdown your computer it will boot faster.
BUT if you want it to boot extremely faster use sleep option.
when you do this your pc will go into s3 state (sleep mode)
and system shut it self down then Intel rapid technology comes into action and turn your computer on for 1 sec and put it into s4 state(hibernate) and shut it down.
the difference between IRST with windows Hibernate system is, windows hibernate doesn`t have hibernation partition so it will resume slower than IRST. when you enable IRST  it will resume as fast as S3 state.
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Intel Rapid start Technology
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